Privacy Policy

Protection of Personal Information:

Any and all personal information that you provide to us as part of the Kaspersky KUDOS Programme is held in a strongly-encrypted format and will never be sold to or shared with any third party by us.

Consent for Communication:

When consenting to comply with the Kaspersky KUDOS Programme Terms and Condition, you hereby consent to receiving communications from The Incentive Company (Pty) Ltd and/or Kaspersky in respect of the Kaspersky KUDOS Programme. You may be contacted by us by email, SMS, MMS, telephone or other social media types but only in regard to topics related to the Kaspersky KUDOS Programme. Your participation in the incentive programme means full agreement with all the aforementioned conditions.

The Prize value will be given to winners as Gift Vouchers. It cannot be exchanged for cash.

Any questions about participating in the action and claiming prizes can be addressed to