Privacy Policy


This site collects private information from users, and such information shall not be disclosed to any third party unless agreed upon between the user and The Incentive Company or through due legal process and in accordance with the requirements of the Protection of Personal Information Act, No 4 of 2013 or any such subsequent legislation that supersedes this Act.

The information being collected is your personal information and may include:

  • ID/passport number
  • Full names
  • Email address
  • Cellphone number
  • Physical delivery address

You will remain the source of the information provided in line with your registration on the incentive program.

The responsible party for holding your personal information is The Incentive Company on behalf of the owner of the Incentive program.

The purpose of collecting the data is to communicate to the incentive program participant about the program, in terms of program information & updates, points uploaded and rewards information.

By accepting the Terms & Conditions of the Incentive program, the participant agrees that they voluntarily submit their personal details for required administration of the program.

Should you fail to provide information, The Incentive Company will not be able to interact with you sufficiently to carry out the full services of the Incentive program.

The collection of the information is not required by law, it is voluntary in line with your participation in the Incentive program. The Incentive Company stores data in the Microsoft Azure cloud, hosted outside of South Africa. All data held in storage is encrypted and as secure as possible within the parameters of the host environment.

We may be required to share your relevant data with our rewards supplier in your country of residence in order to supply that reward to you.

Consent for Communication:

When consenting to comply with the Kaspersky KUDOS Program Terms and Condition, you hereby consent to receiving communications from The Incentive Company (Pty) Ltd and/or Kaspersky in respect of the Kaspersky KUDOS Program. You will only be contacted by us by email, SMS, MMS, telephone or other social media types but only in regard to topics related to the Kaspersky KUDOS Program.

The Prize value will be given to winners as Gift Vouchers. It cannot be exchanged for cash.

Any questions about participating in the action and claiming prizes can be addressed to: